Filtration Equipment

Safran Filtration Systems develops, tests and manufactures a wide range of filtration systems, with the overall objective of maximizing filter life and providing real-time data on clogging. Deploying proactive customer support, Sofrance develops products to meet users' evolving needs, including gas inerting systems, anti-odor filters, oxygen generation, anti-bacterial filters, etc.

Fuel and oil filters

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Safran Filtration Systems' experience in the development of fuel and oil filters is widely recognized. These filters meet the production and safety requirements set by engine-makers from around the world, to make sure they stand up to extreme operating conditions, including icing, cold starts, durability (long mean time between removal, or MTBR), etc.

Safran Filtration Systems markets a wide range of fuel and oil filters, along with clogging indicators.

The fuels that power engines have to be treated (filters remove the particles that can jam injectors) so they don't exceed the water and particle content compatible with injection systems. These filters are made to very demanding specifications (re-circulation of part of the flow, cold startup tests, and even operation under freezing conditions). Sofrance is capable of developing and characterizing a wide range of products, from a simple filter cartridge that is part of a much larger system (such as a fuel pump) to a complete filtering system (including manifold, tank, indicator, safety valve, bypass circuit, etc.).

Lubricating oils generally have higher viscosity and lower filterability indexes than the norm for hydraulic filters. Operating pressures are generally a few bar (about 30 psi), and these filters are equipped with bypass valves. The characterization of both kinds of filters is based on standard methodologies (ISO 16889, NFL 41127, etc.), with well defined contaminants. Our test benches fully meet these requirements.

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