Filtration Equipment

Safran Filtration Systems develops, tests and manufactures a wide range of filtration systems, with the overall objective of maximizing filter life and providing real-time data on clogging. Deploying proactive customer support, Sofrance develops products to meet users' evolving needs, including gas inerting systems, anti-odor filters, oxygen generation, anti-bacterial filters, etc.

Air filters

Air filter

Already recognized for its air filtration and separation technologies, Safran Filtration Systems makes a complete range of filters to ensure the air quality in airliner cabins, as well as for engines and other equipment. We focus on developing products that combine efficiency and reduced weight while meeting specific requirements, especially for engine air inlets on helicopters. Air filtering systems for avionics demand a broad spectrum of technologies to counter the different types of contaminants that aircraft may encounter: sand, water, carbon, saline fog, dust, etc.


Filtering air for passengers

The air to be breathed by airline passengers is climate-controlled and filtered using very high-efficiency filters (eliminating 99.99% of particles down to 0.3 microns). This impressive standard is a critical part of stopping bacteria and viruses. We are also working on new developments for the treatment of odors and volatile organic compounds (VOC), as well as for bacteria and viruses, to improve passenger comfort and air quality. Sofrance calls on advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and extensive testing to design these new filters for maximum effectiveness. Coming up with the best solution means striking the right balance between all critical factors: load loss, weight, autonomy and efficiency.


Filtering air for engines

The air taken in by engines, whether on land vehicles (locomotives, tanks, etc.) or helicopters, has its own specific set of requirements:

  • low load loss
  • high autonomy
  • tailored efficiency

To address these requirements, we have developed cyclonic cells, for instance. Once assembled into panels, these filters can remove up to 97% of particles from the air. Plus, they can be coupled with expendable filters to provide a complete, highly effective solution.


Filtering air for avionics: the presence of particles around electronics may cause failures and also impact the performance of the cooling system. The filter technologies used in this case may be the same as those used for engines (cyclonic stage + filter) or just filters (expendable or washable). This may be used in conjunction with hydraulic or lubrication systems, to treat the air taken in by the tanks – often an indispensable addition to prevent contaminants from entering the system.


Pressurized gases: These gases, widely used in aerospace applications, have to be extremely pure, but they may also convey debris from upstream circuits. Safran Filtration Systems develops safety filters to protect delicate aircraft and spacecraft equipment. Highly pressure-resistant, for space applications these filters are also decontaminated to ensure total cleanliness in the system.


Filtering air for industry

Releases from industrial plants have to be treated to limit environmental impact, especially with regulations becoming increasingly strict. We have therefore teamed up with environmental experts to offer VOC treatment solutions with an optional recovery system for the trapped products. These systems cover flow rates up to several thousand cubic meters per hour.

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